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Is it appropriate to still sing “Gypsy life is funny” today?

Who are we?

We are the Global Roma Rights Agency and campaign against antiziganism antigypsyism.

  • It is important to ban this song to ensure it is no longer played. Likewise, this song should not be used in school music lessons. Heino and his generation as well as everyone affected should clearly understand that this song is antigypsy and racist.
  • Our intention is to offer venues the opportunity to take action against this unacceptable song and its singer „Heino“ for sedition and to take legal action against the performance of this song.

What bothers us about this German song?

This is in contradiction to today’s zeitgeist and the way we deal with the recognized national minority of Roma and Sinti in Germany. They were supposed to be wiped out by the Nazis in the Holocaust, just like the Jewish people.

Additional information:

Speak up against antigypsyism!

We are looking for committed private individuals to submit criminal charges at the event locations. This will officially document the places where Heino sang this song and report it.

All we need from you is your email address. We will then send you the finished text and contact details. All you have to do is forward it by email (directly or via our form), fax or letter.

Together we manage to declare this song ‚taboo‘ and thus reach a group of people that we would otherwise not be able to reach. In this way, we help shape our society for the better.

Please register in the “Heino Action Group”

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